St. Armands Circle Real Estate

Homes for Sale in St. Armands Key

Living in St. Armands Key, Florida, offers an exclusive and upscale coastal lifestyle that's highly sought after by discerning homebuyers. This luxurious enclave is known for its breathtaking waterfront properties, sophisticated shopping and dining scene, and proximity to world-famous beaches.

The real estate market on St. Armands Key predominantly features elegant waterfront homes, many of which offer private boat docks and spectacular views of the Sarasota Bay or Gulf of Mexico. These residences are ideal for those seeking a lavish and idyllic waterfront lifestyle.

St. Armands Circle, located at the heart of the key, serves as the epicenter of this vibrant community, boasting high-end boutiques, art galleries, fine dining establishments, and regular events and festivals. Residents can indulge in a wide range of outdoor activities, from boating and water sports to strolling along the pristine Lido Beach, which is just a short walk away. Additionally, St. Armands Key is in close proximity to downtown Sarasota, offering access to cultural venues, theaters, and additional dining and entertainment options. With its blend of opulent real estate, upscale amenities, and a premier location, St. Armands Key stands as an exclusive haven for those who desire a luxurious and sophisticated coastal living experience on Florida's Gulf Coast.